The Uncovery




I just got my act together.

I was happy and satisfied at home and at work too. My kids were starting to get a bit older so I had more time to explore my own hobbies and passions.

I was free of all the insecurities and worries that had held me back in the past. I finally felt like I truly understood who I am, what I stand for, and what I want in life.

And then everything changed…

My mood started to shift.

I was irritated and cranky without understanding why - which made me even more irritated and cranky.

My periods became irregular, and my PMS symptoms were so exasperated it felt like I was a teenager all over again. Only this time I had to juggle my career, my family, and all my other responsibilities along with it.

Fact: 78% of women say menopause impacts their daily life, from skin, hair, relationships, sex life, work life, moods and mental state1.

Then came the hot flashes. Oh, the hot flashes.

I’d never experienced anything like it!

It was like I was burning up from the inside out. Nothing helped once a hot flash started. Sometimes it was so bad it looked like I’d jumped into the shower fully clothed.

I’d lose focus at work, and the moment I stepped into a grocery store, I’d forget what I was there for.

All of the signs were there and still I never considered that what might be happening to me was peri-menopause.

Nobody had ever talked about it.

Growing up, my own mother had never even mentioned it. She’d never once complained about a single symptom or asked for any kind of support.

Fact: 44% of women across the world are unaware of perimenopause until they start having symptoms2.

I suffered in silence for over a year before I went to a doctor. Even after I realized it was menopause, I still felt alone. I would brush off each symptom, feeling angry with myself for not being strong enough to just get on with my life.

I was so frustrated, I felt like I couldn’t trust my own body anymore.



Fact: 60% of women feel isolated in their journey3.

But then I found Mojo.

I realized that there were other women out there going through almost exactly the same thing and I found products that really, truly helped.

Yes, even with the hot flashes.

The Quick Cooling Spray is unlike anything I’ve ever used. It provides instant, cooling relief just as a hot flash is coming on.

Its small and chic bottle allows me to pack it with me anywhere so I can use it when I need it most. No more suffering through meetings or my commute. Just one spray of this and I feel soothed. I spray it on both my face and my chest for the fastest relief.

It’s also makeup friendly, so I don’t have to worry about all my blush washing off after use.

I have always had extremely sensitive skin so I was a bit worried at first how I might react, but Mojo’s Quick Cooling Spray is dermatologist tested and made from natural yet powerful ingredients (like glycerin, niacinamide, and witch hazel).

I do not know what I would do without this product, it makes the worst of menopause bearable again.


Tip: Keep Mojo’s Quick Cooling Spray on your bedside table to help assist with those middle of the night hot flashes.

Mojo has helped me overcome the worst of my symptoms.

It’s also helped me find a community to share my experiences with. Because of Mojo I found joy again, I found strength.

I found myself.

I started talking to my family about my peri-menopause, I was honest with my own daughter when a hot flash would come on, or when I’d forget what I was saying. Mojo has not only helped me manage my symptoms but it’s also helped me understand that there is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to menopause.


Fact: 53 million women in the US experience perimenopause and menopause each year4.

It’s time to come together, to share our wisdom with one another and to speak openly and honestly about menopause.

Mojo has helped me realize that midlife is not a crisis.

We are in our prime, with so much life and love left ahead of us. So I think it’s time to start acting like it.

Get the relief you deserve.

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People are RAVING about Mojo!

Works great!!
Bridgette45 on Jun 24, 2022

I got this to see if it would help with my hot flashes, I’ve been getting them for a while and they are the worst.This really works great at cooling you down and cooling you down fast too. It’s like getting sprayed in the face with a mist of water, it feels like a breath of fresh air lol. When I feel a hot flash coming on I spray this and I instantly cool down. I love that this leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed.

Works well!
ArtsyMama on May 27, 2022

This mists evenly and provides a quick cooling effect. It doesn’t really have much scent to it and feels light and refreshing. I think it’s a helpful aid and would recommend it

This stuff is Ah-mazing!
KristinKristin on May 05, 2022

I absolutely love this stuff! It feels so good spraying it on your face. I am one of those people who turns red in the face when I get hot, or get put on the spot and it is so embarrassing! This instantly cools me down, and I love the refreshing feeling it gives me. Highly recommend, especially if you are prone to hot flashes or red face. :)

Works as advertised!

Avid Reader on Jun 30, 2022

I got this for my younger sister as I sure wish it had been around back when I needed it. She likes it real well! Which is all she really said about it. I hope it offers you the same relief as it does for her!

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