The skin on your scalp needs extra protection.

Introducing our specialist range for smooth scalps only.

It's time to ditch the shampoo for good.


Explore the essentials for a
great looking *bald* head.

Clean Start$19

Daily Scalp Cleanser

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Close Shave$28

Scalp Shaving Cream

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Razor Savior$28

Post Shave Bump Tonic

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Daily Scalp Moisturizer

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Check out our complete regimen of products to keep your smooth scalp looking and feeling its best everyday.

Step 1

Clean Start

Wash away excess oil and impurities to leave skin feeling hydrated, supple, and smooth.

Step 2

Close Shave

Softens hairs and protects against skin irritiation caused by shaving. Get ready for improved razor glide.

Step 3

Razor Savior

Helps prevent razor burn and skin bumps caused by ingrown hairs with this exfoliating and soothing tonic.

Step 4


Get fast-absorbing, non-greasy hydration for instant refreshing relief and comfort.


Hear from our customers

Clean Start

I'm really happy with it

"It works as advertised and I feel like I found a product that I can continue to use indefinitely. It's a good value and it seems to do pretty well for folks that shave their heads on a weekly basis. I definitely enjoy using this when I take showers daily."

- NJD and DMD
Amazon Review

Close Shave

This product is definitely for us.

"The consistency of this product is nice, and when mixed with water creates a silky product that is not oily, nor does it evaporate quickly. My guess is that a little bit of this cream will go a long way."

- Pancho
Amazon Review

Razor Savior

Definitely soothes and prevents bumps

I shave my head almost every other day and own a lot of after shaves to prevent from razor burns, bumps and ingrown hair. I have been using this razor savior for few weeks and this definitely does what it is intended to do. It is fragrance free with smooth texture and a little goes a long way. I haven't noticed any ingrown hairs or bumps so far and I definitely credit this tonic here for keeping them away.

- Sal Sira
Amazon Review


Moisture for that bald dome!

"It is non greasy and absorbs well. I think that the scent free feature is probably the biggest selling point."

- Gabrielle
Amazon Review

Close Shave

Very different than your normal shaving cream/gel

"Not once did I feel like it was tugging or pulling on my hair. Really smooth shave, I feel like this actually protected my scalp and face while being shaved."

- Nico
Amazon Review

Clean Start

Fresh and clean feeling!

I got this for my husband who is bald. He has been using it now for several days and tells me that his head feels clean and refreshed. He likes that he can also wash his face with it, so he uses it after he shaves. It leaves his face and scalp feeling smooth.

- Deleris Perez
Amazon Review


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Have a question? we have the answer 👇

Do you only sell on Amazon?

Smooth Headcare products can only be purchased on Amazon. Subscribe to our newsletter for more information on new products and ways to purchase.

How long is shipping?

Amazon Prime customers can usually expect their orders to arrive in two days.

What product is best for me?

Smooth Headcare is a daily regimen of headcare products, expertly crafted to the specific needs of hair-free heads. Each product plays an important role ensuring your hair-free head can feel and look good, everyday. Use our full regimen for the best results.

Can women use the products?

Yes, our products can be used regardless of gender. We're here for all who embrace the shave, judgement free.

Can the products be used on the face?

Without hairs to protect it, bald scalps are more sensitive to the
environment. The skin on the scalp has less moisture and higher sebum secretion than the skin on the face. While designed for the specific needs of the scalp, you can safely use our range of products on the face too.

What are the main ingredients in the products?

CLEAN START: Scalps and particularly bald scalps can be greasy and have
compromised barrier function compared to face, therefore the bald scalp needs
effective but mild cleansers that respect the skin barrier integrity of the scalp. Mild sulfate-free cleansing ingredients and moisturizing agents such as coconut oil and glycerin, help minimize skin damage. Niacinamide and Vitamin C
can even help improve the skin barrier.

CLOSE SHAVE: Using shaving cream reduces friction and helps the razor glide easily, reducing physical damage to the skin. Emollients layer the skin with a
protective film that traps in moisture and prevents inflammation. Coconut oil
is both an excellent lubricant and emollient. Aloe is known for its moisture retention properties.

RAZOR SAVIOR: Exfoliating your skin with non-irritating alpha-hydroxy-acid (AHA) like Mandelic acid will help remove dead skin that may clog the follicle
opening and prevent ingrown hairs. Applying Hyaluronic acid, straight after shaving will help soothe your skin and to prevent the burning sensation common
with razor bumps. 

HYDRATOR: Glycerin, attracts water and slows down water evaporation from your skin. Natural oils, like Peppermint, soften the skin and leave it smooth, while also helping seal in moisture.

How often should I use the products?

Clean Start Daily Scalp Cleanser should be the start of your daily morning and/or evening routine.

Use Close Shave Scalp Shaving Cream every time you feel stubble and want that
smooth look and feel – it can be used daily or as often as you need.

Apply Razor Savior Post-Shave Bump Tonic after every shave.

Use our Hydrator every time you shower and re-apply during the day if you feel the need.